Alium seeks for happiness in little things.

The soft caress of a wool knitted sweater, the sunlight dancing on the wall, the lamp casting shadows, that image that brightens a corner or a hypnotic fire blazing on a cold day…

These are the moments filled with harmony and magic we want to make eternal.

All our products are made one by one, with noble materials, sourced locally, making it timeless in every way.

Designed and made in Uruguay to enjoy wherever you find magic.

 “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”

― Sam Keen

Adentro is a conversation, a search for stories and habitats that reflect their owners. Homes that come to life through stories and pictures, revealing styles, spaces and their owners essence.

A unique space where stories and style intertwine.

ADENTRO is a collaboration alium + Cruz Creative Lab. Conversations in their original language.

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