The Alium Story

Contemporary Traditional Craftmanship

Welcome to Alium - Pueblo Garzón "A Rustic retreat in Uruguay" - The New York Times 2013

Our Brand

Alium boutique in Pueblo Garzón was founded in 2008 by Carolyn Prevett and Mariano Piñeyrúa design grads from Montevideo’s Design Center.

We are a local brand inspired by the SLOW MOVEMENT; iniciated in Italy, this movement manifest is based in respecting the natural process of every aspect in life. Everything we sell and design is hand made with carefull hands of craftmen in Uruguay.

Our main objective is to preserve and promote our own traditions and materials through the products we sell.


We promote the good and simple things of life. Reading a book enjoying a tasty glass of wine, having a romantic dinner by the fireplace or a picnic with friends. Horseback riding in the countryside and enjoy a nice family “asado”.

Over the last 6 years we have selected every product, analyzed every detail to combine and create a great curated design collection from Uruguay representing its culture and values.

That’s our heritage.

The Store

“After studying design in Montevideo, the pair opened a store in Pueblo Garzón, selling the best of uruguayan craft”- Monocle Magazine 2013