Custom fabric and pattern design based in Uruguay. We love transforming cotton and linen fabrics for upholstery projects and ideas. These fabrics have an amazing texture, that combines nicely with printing. The result is a unique fabric with depth and rythm, uniquely made for you.

We mix our own colours and design the patterns together, to enhance your furniture or space. Personalizing your home can be taken to the next level by designing your dream fabric.

-We design the pattern.

-Decide the size and scale based on the furniture and area.

-Chose the colour to go with the existing elements.

-Print the fabric, the amount of meters required.

-(this item is optional) We upholster and finish the piece of furniture.

Contact us at hola@alium.com.uy for more information. We deliver worldwide.

Different colours have different effects on our homes. We can decide together the best colour for you.

Our “pajaritos” print in dark red on cotton fabric:

Drawings on paper and pattern studies for future fabrics and cushions.

Designs applied on different products: